Disaster Relief Charities in Louisiana

American Red Cross South-East Louisiana Chapter

The American Red Cross is a relief charity which is synonymous with helping those in need during natural disasters including earthquakes and hurricanes. The South-East Louisiana Chapter was originally chartered back in 1916 and is focussed on providing essential local support to around 1.2 million residents across the South East region of the State of Louisiana which includes parishes such as Orleans, Jefferson, Assumption, St John and Terrebonne among others. The type of assistance provided includes providing financial support to victims following disasters and also offering training in both health and safety and disaster prevention. www.arcno.org

Community Center of St Bernard

The main purpose of the Community Center of St Bernard is to provide hurricane victims with resources as well as a safe environment during hurricane situations. The aid offered is focussed on the St Bernard Parish area, which even 7 years after it was hit by hurricane Katrina, is still in need of a massive amount of rebuilding. The population in the parish is half of what it once was and the recent Gulf oil spill and Hurricane Isaac have slowed progress even further making life difficult for those determined to rebuild their homes in the parish. The charity helps these people with basic needs such as food and clothing. www.ccstb.org

Hands on New Orleans

Hands on New Orleans has over 30,000 volunteers providing service to the New Orleans community in the wake of both hurricane Katrina and hurricane Rita. The charity's mission is to assist the community via volunteer service to complete essential repairs and developing community projects to help rebuild what was lost in the devastating hurricanes. www.handsonneworleans.org/


HOPE/rebirth is a non-profit organisation offering support to individuals in the St Bernard parish area. Initially the charity was a small group of volunteers helping to clear damaged houses and distributing food and clothing to those in need. However, it has evolved in recent years and now works to address issues that have emerged following hurricane Katrina. In addition to providing basic supplies. HOPE/rebirth now offers assistance in community projects including rebuilding work, child care, youth outreach programs and health care provision. www.keep-hope.org

Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation

Louisiana was devastated by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. It is the wish of relief charity Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation to transform and rebuild the area by providing the required relief and recovery resources to those who need it most. Resources are made available to provide housing, develop small businesses in the local area and for the betterment of the local community. www.louisianahelp.org

Make It Right

Make It Right is a charity striving to redevelop the lower 9th ward neighborhood of New Orleans following the destruction caused by hurricane Katrina. The aim is to rebuild a community with safe and adequate housing while preserving the culture of New Orleans. The work carried out by Make It Right is also being extended to other communities in need to help build energy efficient yet affordable housing where it is needed the most. The charity was founded in 2007 by Hollywood A lister Brad Pitt and champions the belief that everyone is entitled to safe and healthy housing. www.makeitright.org

North-East Louisiana Chapter Of The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross may well be the most recognized humanitarian organization in the western world and it relies on volunteers to provide disaster relief across the globe. The North-East Louisiana Chapter of the organization is dedicated to helping local people to prevent and prepare for natural disasters such as hurricanes and to offer support to those people in emergency situations. The parishes served by this particular chapter of the American Red cross include Caldwell, East Carroll, Franklin, Jackson, Madison and Union among others. www.nelaredcross.org

Rebuilding Together Acadiana

Rebuilding Together Acadiana is a Lafayette based charity which places an emphasis on ensuring all individuals have a safe and healthy place to call home. The are particularly interested in rebuilding and adapting the homes of low income elderly or disabled people in the area. However, they also dedicated time and financial aid to rebuilding hurricane damaged homes, especially those belonging to veterans, the elderly and the disabled. This provides invaluable assistance to some of the most vulnerable members of the local community. www.rebuildingtogetheracadiana.org

The Steven Spring Foundation

The Steven Spring Foundation is a disaster relief charity with a difference. Following the devastation of hurricane Katrina in 2005, the charity offered aid to survivors in the form of musical instruments and tuition. While other charities offer assistance in the form of food, clothing and medical aid, SSF aimed to share some joy with the survivors. The healing power of music should not be underestimated as the work of SFF has helped many New Orleans musicians to preserve the culture and educate youngsters. www.stephenspring.org

United Saints

The 1st Street Recovery projected operated my United Saints is dedicated to assisting residents in the Central City area of New Orleans and neighboring areas which have been severely affected by hurricane damage. The ultimate goal is to help displaced residents to return home and to rebuild strong communities. www.unitedsaints.org

Louisiana SPCA

It is easy to focus only on the human cost of natural disasters like hurricane Katrina, but animals too are in need of aid. The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing care and veterinary services to homeless and unwanted animals. Following a hurricane, or indeed any natural disaster, thousands of pets are left stranded or separated from their owners. LA/SPCA strive to provide pet owners with assistance to help care for their pets in emergency situations. www.la-spca.org